28 Increasingly Horrible Buzzfeed Quizzes

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  • Which Cigarette Additive Are You?
  • How Long Can This Misery Possibly Last?
  • Which Disney Princess Has Your Father Become Post-Vasectomy?
  • Which Member of the 1896 Cleveland Spiders Are You?
  • Which of Your Sins Can’t Jesus Forgive?
  • Where in Sacramento Should You Live?
  • Can You Tell the Difference between These Pictures of Mammals Giving Birth and Danny DeVito Squinting?
  • What Toni Braxton Song Should You Name Your Child After?
  • Which Supreme Court Justice Should You Hook Up With?
  • Are You a Real Grand Funk Railroad Fan?
  • Which Sex Position Were You Conceived With?
  • What’s Inside of an Eggroll, Anyway?
  • Which Member of Cannibal Corpse is Your Soul Mate?
  • Which Obscure Biblical Passage Will Become the Cornerstone of Your Impending Insanity?
  • Can You Guess Whether These Possums Are Really Dead or Just Pretending?
  • Which Expendables Cast Member is Your Spirit Animal?
  • Where Should You Hold Your Mother’s Intervention?
  • Which Brutal Dictator is Your Bestie?
  • Which Kid Rock Song Tells Your Future?
  • Which Self-Destructive Shia LaBeouf Tweet Are You?
  • Isn’t There Something More Productive You Could be Doing Right Now?
  • How Many People Would Even Notice if You Died?
  • Which Symptom of Postpartum Depression Are You?
  • Which Death Penalty Method is Your Boyfriend?
  • What Does Your Favorite Apostle Say About Your Sex Life?
  • Seriously, What the Fuck’s Your Problem?
  • Are These Close-up Photos of Barbara Walters’ Throat Bothering You?
  • By the Way, What’s Your Social Security Number? Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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