Taylor Wolfe

Taylor is a student at the Second City and iO in Chicago and sometimes she likes to pretend she’s a stand-up comedian. Her website is thedailytay.com.

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Taylor Wolfe

Surving A Trip To The Gynecologist

It’s awkward and unpleasant, but if you close your eyes and try your best to relax and not worry about what he can see from his view, you can do it.

The Struggle Of Shopping At Lululemon

Walking into a Lululemon is a lot like how I imagine Curly Sue must have felt when she got her first really nice bath at the rich woman’s apartment- even though she knew it wasn’t real and probably wasn’t going…

45 Things I Will Teach My Daughter

No bikini profile photos/cover photos on Facebook. I don’t want to have to judge my own daughter. Same goes for duck face, “glancing” at the camera from over your shoulder, or provocatively biting your lip. Like I said, don’t make me hate my own daughter for being a creep.