If You Meet A Girl Like This, Don’t You Dare Let Her Go

Unsplash, Noah Hinton
Unsplash, Noah Hinton

She’s the girl in high school who was beautiful, but didn’t have any friends, so you never made an excuse to talk to her. You just admired her from afar.

She was the girl who decided to do something with her life after high school, because she knew that wasn’t a defining moment, just a rite of passage. She went off to college, and while she was there, she grew up and developed a sense of herself that she has now carried into adulthood.

She is confident — her beauty isn’t just on the outside. She has pursued her dreams and passions to the best of her ability. She has a pure heart, and can see the goodness of others.

She knows looking into people’s eyes tells a lot more about their soul than listening to what they say. Although, she does enjoy listening to people’s stories. She loves hearing about the triumphs of others, and how they overcame adversity in order to be successful — in order to push through.

She dances like no one is watching, without a care in the world, because it makes her heart happy — to feel the base from the speakers, to move to the beat of the music, and to smile as she sways her hips and shakes her body. To be in that moment, inside herself, enjoying every second of life.

Her favorite times of the day are dawn and dusk — dawn because she looks forward to the possibilities the day will bring, and dusk because she knows the most magical moments can happen after the sun sets.

She is always up for an adventure. Whether it’s a walk on the beach, hiking to see waterfalls, ziplining in caverns, or taking a spontaneous trip. She will be appreciative of the experience and happy to have a new adventure in the books.

She is empathetic — Hallmark commercials, chick flicks, homelessness — they all make her cry. Her heart is too big, and sometimes her ability to express empathy will overcome her.

She enjoys making other people happy, and giving to others. She believes in order to be a good person, she must give. She must give her time to those who need it, and she must give what she can to others in order for the Universe to return her graciousness.

She is religious, and knows how powerful prayer is. She goes to church when she can, and thanks God for her blessings. She takes nothing for granted, and she expresses gratitude to her Creator.

She takes time to visit her family, and listens to their wisdom. Family has always been important to her while growing up.

She can laugh at herself, as easily as she can make others laugh, because she’s awkward at times, and has her own quirks.

Most importantly, she values those who appreciate her. She knows her worth, and she knows not to settle for anything less than she deserves. She believes she is a queen and demands that she be treated like one.

This girl is the type you don’t let go of, because you will never meet another one like her. Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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