This Writer Blabs Until His Writer’s Block Is Cured

I really need help my dear readers. I’m struggling to find, what’s the thing for it? Ah, it’s on the tip of my tongue. The thing that writers need to forge ahead into their illustrious career. Geez I should know this. What is it that I’m looking for? Any advice?

I’m really just struggling for…hold on, it’ll come to me in a second. It’s so important, yet somehow I can’t seem to remember it. I’m a writer (a dang good one on occasion), but here I am asking my readers for support. I can handle it—I can swallow my pride. I just can’t think of the thing I’m looking for. Help?

You string these things together in an orderly fashion that makes people like you (readers) happy inside. Gah-lee, this is just downright embarrassing. I just need to think for a moment and surely it’ll come crashing down on me.

As a writer this is the one thing I can’t live without. What on Earth is it that I’m thinking of, but can’t think of? I use them everyday. They mean so much to so many people. I’ve already popped out a plethora of them in this piece. What are they? AHH! Any information you readers could send my way would be gratefully received.

It’s probably right in front of my face—literally. The thing I’m looking for. You know how when I sit here and write all these things down. What are they? I can’t seem to come up with the thing for them, let alone more of them to further my career.

If I don’t think of something quick, all of this gloriousness (being a writer) could be stripped from me at any moment. What are these things? I guess that’s why I’m a struggling writer, because I don’t even know what I’m talking about. C’mon! I’m staring at them, but drawing a blank. A little help please, readers! Anything you’ve got could save my dwindling career.

Blah, blah, blah. Okay, those are about the worst of what I’m supposed to come up with, but they still qualify as the same thing. What are they? Maybe if I just keep typing gobbledygook it’ll come to me. Wait, I know the thing for that, but not what all of these things are? I’m losing my mind.

Hmmmmm. Well, that’s not technically one of the things I’m trying to think of what they’re called, but you readers can understand I’m signifying a long thought rather than using the proper literary, ummmm thing(?) What are these things?!

I’m simply perplexed and want to know what these things I’m looking for are. Well? Still nothing coming into my cranium. I keep typing and yet I still don’t know what these things that I’m typing are. If only I were better at this, the thing for these things would come to me naturally. I should just give up on trying to be a writer. No need to really seek this thing out. The world will go on without my incognizant use of these…things. Yeah, I’m no writer and I don’t even know the thing for these things which I’m aimlessly putting upon my screen and yours alike. 

One final attempt to just talk this thing out. If I just keep writing these things down my writer’s block will be cured and I’ll know the thing for these things. Almost there. Okay, that’s it, yes—I’ve got it! I know what these things are.

WORDS! These things are words. It makes such sense now! Wow, how could I have been so naive? Yes, words are the thing I need to continue growing as a writer. Well, now that I’ve found the word for words, I guess I can get back to writing words with a truer meaning, rather than writing words about trying to remember what words are called. Thanks for letting me talk that one out dear readers. I can’t believe I couldn’t remember the word for words. Word for word, this is the hardest anybody has had to think to come up with the word for words.

Okay, no more writers block for me then—only wholehearted words of wisdom from now on. Who would’ve thought I could write all those words, but not remember the word for words? Writer’s block is insane. Just keep writing and it seems to work itself out. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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