21 Things I’ve Learned About Life, Love, And Happiness By 21


1. When you feel like your world is ending remember that the world itself does not stop. You have to keep going.

2. As you get older, you will lose friends. That is okay.

3. Broken hearts hurt…a lot. They hurt for what seems like forever.

4. Believe in your gut. It is rarely wrong.

5. Dogs are the best thing on planet Earth.

6. There is always a song that can perfectly describe how you feel.

7. As much as you don’t want to, sometimes a shower and getting ready can make you feel x10 better.

8. The sun can do wonders in improving your mood.

9. Your mom is your ultimate best friend and your #1 fan. You will realize how true this is the older you both get.

10. Don’t be afraid to dye your hair. You can always dye it back, but you just might love it.

11. Write. Write down everything. Good or bad. Write down all of your feelings – even if you just throw it away.

12. Learn how to be alone. Learn how to enjoy being alone.

13. You don’t always have to be alone. It’s okay to want or need company.

14. Always pee before and after sex. UTIs hurt. A lot.

15. Take frequent breaks from social media.

16. As much as you’ll want to drink your sorrows away, the majority of the time it will make it worse and you’ll think of it even more.

17. Clean your apartment/room. It’ll keep your mind occupied and a clean space will feel great.

18. Don’t be afraid to tell your partner anything. You should be able to tell them anything and everything.

19. Floss your teeth. Just do it.

20. Create a skincare routine and stick to it. Every night. Your future skin will thank you.

21. Your plans will sometimes fall through. Hopefully it’s because a better plan is in your future waiting for you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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