You Were The Storm I Had To Weather


You are like a storm.

You came into my life and washed over me like torrential downpour in the middle of a barren desert. You quenched my thirst. You soaked me completely in your raindrops. Marked me as yours.

Your strong winds swept me up into you. Encompassing me completely, I belonged to you. I couldn’t get away, no matter how greatly I struggled. You wrapped me up so tightly, I couldn’t breathe.

You brought with you so much gloom. You stole the light from my life and kept me hidden beneath your murky storm clouds. You veiled me in your shadows.

We reach the eye of your storm and I could feel your love. I could feel the calm amidst the chaos. The quiet, just the two of us. I fell in love with your gentle waves in these moments. Unfortunately the eye is not the end, just a brief pause.

And then, suddenly, your voice rattled through my bones like thunder, and like lightning it cracks my soul. Your footsteps felt as though they shook the ground beneath my feet.

Your hailstorm left me bruised and beaten. A whirlwind of painful welts, my once porcelain skin was now stained black and blue. My once pure and kind spirit was now shattered and broken into a million tiny, unrecognizable pieces.

And in a blink of an eye, you were gone.

All I am left with now is the rubble and dust that reminds me that you once belonged here. You linger along in the torn stitches that once held me together. My scars are the only tangible thing I have left of you.

Just like a storm, you ran ramped through me and left without warning. I must seek shelter. I must learn to love without being destroyed.

In the aftermath, I am learning to rebuild myself, my life, my soul, my spirit. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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