9 Cold Hard Truths You’ll Learn When You Move Out Of Your Parent’s Home

Shutterstock/Alena Ozerova
Shutterstock/Alena Ozerova

If you haven’t done it already, it will eventually be time to get out of your parent’s nest, spread your wings, and fly…

Here are a few things you’ll learn along the way- 

1. Believe it or not, your parents did everything for you 

Now that you’re on your own, you begin to realize that the dishes don’t magically disappear out of the sink, the trash has to get taken out, and cleaning your room is solely up to you. It’s part of growing up, but sometimes you’ll consider moving back home just for the built-in housekeeping.

2. Laundry doesn’t wash itself

You’ll put it off until you’re down to your last pair of undies. Then, you’ll learn that white clothes will turn any ugly color you can imagine if you just throw them in with everything else. You’ll also learn that if you leave clothes in the dryer for days, the wrinkles won’t go away until you wash them again. And on top of that- you have to buy everything to get it done; detergent, fabric softener, softener sheets- it’s not free.

3. Cleaning is exhausting

You’ll live in a tiny apartment and spend hours cleaning up the place. Then you’ll start to realize that your mom is basically SuperWoman for cleaning an entire house in a day.

4. Freedom to do whatever you want actually kind of sucks

It’s a Thursday night and you have a lot of homework. But like I said…it’s a Thursday night. All of your friends are going out so why wouldn’t you? I mean, nobody is around to say no. THIS, my friends, is the ultimate test of responsibility. And let’s be honest, you’ll probably end up going out.

5. Money really doesn’t grow on trees

If you’re like me, saving money is not one of your strong suits. Between going out, eating out, gas, and buying groceries, money goes quick. You’ll find yourself calculating how many hours of work it would take to buy the shirt you really want.

6. Netflix will feel like your long-lost best friend most of the time

You’ll laugh together, cry together, and spend entire Sundays laying in bed together. Netflix is around whenever you need it. Bored, lonely, sad, happy, whatever. Netflix is there.

7. Cooking real meals isn’t a thing

Unless you’re really awesome and like to cook all of the time, then you’ll most likely find yourself living off of frozen dinners, pizza, Ramen, macaroni, Pasta Roni, or whatever else you can find in your pantry at the time. Granted, cooking is fun every now and then but nothing will compare to mom’s home cooked meals. This leads me to my next point-

8. Groceries are expensive

All I’m saying is that it’s not hard to go to the grocery store and spend $80 without realizing it until you’re at the counter. You have been warned.

9. Being sick while you’re away from home is actual hell

When all you can do is lay in bed….Who is there to bring you medicine? Who is there to bring you soup? Who is there to comfort you? Who is there to bring you your favorite blanket? Who is there to call the doctor? Nobody but yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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