Stop Looking For The ‘Next Big Thing’ And Just Live

We as a species are always in a rush for the next big thing and finding what we can do next. What are we actually looking for? We are always looking for the next best job, the next great love, or the newest piece of technology, when there is no guarantee any of this will even happen. The world is so fast pace it seems we have gotten to a point where everyone is just out of breath. No one person can catch up to those around them and suddenly you feel alone hoping someone out there feels the same way you do.

Looking for love seems to be a common theme in college females that are worried if they don’t find their one true love in college there is no hope and they will end up alone. Instead of finding that one good guy right away get rid of all of the wrong ones, find those who don’t meet what you want and one day the right one will just come. Being hung up on finding someone ruins all of the excitement happening in the present. You know those Saturday nights while you were moping on the couch and you saw your best friend dancing on the table worrying about nothing. It may be hard to admit but the chances that you will find love is probably not going to happen, so stop looking… and live.

Think of a time of when you were genuinely happy… during that period of time were you looking for something or someone or just content with what you were doing and those who were around you? Chances are nothing else mattered and it may not have been exactly what you may have planned, but it didn’t matter because whatever was happening was more important. It is times like these that should mimic how you approach life. Go into uncertain of what may happen because the worst that’s going to happen is something isn’t going to follow your plan. The thing about this so-called plan you may have, it is going to change all of the time; you just have to be alright with it. Strive to be happy and stop looking.

I think what everyone needs to do it just stop looking. Individuals need to enjoy what is around them not waiting around for the what ifs. There will be that person out there who stops searching for what just may not be there, and they will find their way to you and be happy. When you stop searching for whatever it is you think you are looking for, that is when you will find what you really want. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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