The Real Reason You Have A “Crazy Girl” On Your Hands

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tippi t

It seems like everywhere I turn some asshole is complaining about how the girl he met two weekends ago is acting like a psychopath. Well dude, maybe you shouldn’t have gotten her number, told her she’s beautiful, asked to see here a few more times, and then told her you could see it going somewhere right before you stopped texting her and started talking to some other girl.

I’m not saying that she didn’t go ape shit for no reason… but guys, ya’ll have a serious problem of leaving a few girls in the back seat until the one that’s in the passenger seat fucks up. You think girls are crazy if they get a little too attached too quick but hey bro, you’re the one working every trick you have in the book to snag her for a night or two, and women were brought up thinking that most guys will treat you like a princess and mean it.

Here’s the thing: women fall for words and attention and this feeling of being wanted. So guys, when you say “You’re so beautiful, and “Yeah, I like you,” and you’re texting her everyday sweet good morning texts, she’s going to assume you actually like her, not just that you want some ass. The sucky part is that she’ll assume this even if she’s been through a few douchebags.

On the flip side, men fall for touch and attraction and locked eyes: physical stuff. So maybe you need to do a better job of staying guarded and just assume that until he actually puts some real effort into being serious, he probably just wants some ass (to all the nice guys out there, you’re the exception… keep it up).

What men don’t realize is that women can be thrown around and fooled many times, but if we have the slightest crush, then we’re hoping that you won’t be like every other dude we’ve tried to be with. We are reallllly good at giving you the benefit of the doubt.

What we as women don’t realize is that for now, while we’re in our 20s, not every guy is going to be looking for a serious relationship right off the bat. But assuming that you play your cool, maybe the hope you have will come true.

Why are we made to want and feel totally different things? Idk. Maybe it’s a huge joke the universe is playing on us. Or maybe, it’s so that when two people finally meet and figure it out, it’s that much more special. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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