The Inconsistency of Reality


So many phrases have been coined around the subject of “seizing the day.” Living everyday like it’s your last. Carpe diem, right?

Sure, it is feasible that you may in fact not live until tomorrow. However, statistically you probably will live to see the next day- WHEW! The more interesting thought is that of personal perception. The way you feel, see, understand, think, and perceive everything and everyone around you can change on a dime.

One day you may have your whole life figured out, think you know someone, have a clear idea of the path that your future holds. Unexpectedly, the smallest catalyst can cause the most abrupt perceptual discovery. Even if the world around you doesn’t physically change, a shift in opinion or perspective can cause an equal amount of damage.

Should we understand this with the mentality of the glass half full or half empty? Maybe both. You may never feel the same way about your life that you do in this moment. When people are treating you well and when life is going smoothly, take time and appreciate it.

Don’t race through life without constant appreciation of blissful moments, relationships, and situations. Understanding that there is nothing permanent about your perception at an early age will allow you to appreciate your life much more, and be prepared for any unexpected curve ball life may throw your way.

For the pessimists, maybe at one point you cared for a person, and they deceived you at a later date. Maybe you thought this was your dream job, dream destination, dream situation, and it turned out not to be the case. However, in the more optimistic perspective, negative perceptions can flip just as easily.

People that you’ve felt like you can’t count on can become trustworthy. Things you didn’t think would last may stand the test of time. Being trapped in a negative mindset can be paralyzing, and it is important to realize that your current mindset can only ever be temporary. Your opinion can change from unfavorable to favorable just as easily as the reverse scenario- if you are open to it.

What I’ve learned is to not be naive about life, and make an effort to not be blinded by emotions. Don’t be devastated if your opinions change, or if things you once thought to be true aren’t so. When things are going well, I try not to dwell on the fact that they may not stay that way, but rather appreciate that very moment where things are the way that they are.

A sense of empowerment and excitement about the future comes from understanding that your perception can and will forever change. If things are bad- they’ll change. If things are great, they could get even better, or could get even worse. But living life oblivious to the fact that your opinion can and will change at any moment is the biggest disservice you can do to yourself.

Today I appreciate what I feel, understand, and know to be true in my little bubble that is my world. Looking towards tomorrow, I know that no scenario is out of the realm of possibility, but I have faith that there is always a greater plan in mind. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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