I Know I Love You


When considering the female mind I find myself drawing a comparison to a 6 lane highway – congested, complex, and hectic. The male mind seems more single-faceted. This could explain why when females fight it turns into a four month trauma and drama while bros can throw a few punches and hug it out five minutes later. It appears that there are less layers to their onion, in an enviable way.

Ladies, I know many of us are guilty of struggling to make the simplest decisions. Deciding where we want to eat can sometimes require more thought than solving a trigonometry problem. With every scenario we tend to over think and and analyze every possible situation, usually making things a much bigger deal than they actually are.

In today’s society I think we tend to coincide complexity with sophistication and intellect, but isn’t there a certain endearment in those who are more simple-minded? I’ve found myself always yearning to learn more, to travel to new places. In doing this I am broadening my horizons, sure, but I’m also complicating my options – adding another lane to my metaphorical highway.

Think about it, the phrase “I’m fine,” means two completely different things in the male and female world. What if we took things at face value instead of reading into every thought and action? I know my stress level would decrease significantly, but I realize that is probably not realistic.

My boyfriend and I got in a bit of an argument a few weeks ago. Not one of those fights about nothing, a fight about important stuff, future stuff, forever stuff. Being typical me, talking about the future causes a huge array of hypothetical situations, thoughts, misread interpretations, and assumptions. It can’t be a simple yes or no, there has to be several shades of gray. I ask him, “but what about if all of these hypothetical situations happen?”

“Are you sure you can really deal with all that hair in the shower drain?”

“Can you really put up with me….forever?”

I wonder…how do you make a decision about the unknown? How can you be so sure about going down a blatantly untraveled path?

“Aren’t you SCARED?!”

He just looked at me and and said in the most simple but sincere tone, “I know I love you.” There was no but, no and, no long-winded female explanation.

“I love you. We’ll figure the rest out.”

My six lane highway veered onto a dirt road. All of these complexities and stressors are sometimes just figments of our imagination. Life is hard enough. Appreciate those who you love. Understand it’s not always going to be perfect. Find someone who is confident enough to take a gamble on you, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll let your guard down and realize that some decisions and feelings are simple.

I adore you and I love us. No explanation necessary. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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