10 Important Things You Learn As The Oldest Sibling

1. When you drive, you become the chauffeur. There are no questions about this.

2. Your clothes are everyone’s clothes, whether you like it or not.

3. You will watch your siblings go through the awkward stages- and they will refuse your help, no matter how hard you try, just like you refused your moms.

4. At family gatherings, they become your shadow.

5. You also become the voice, so learn how to make conversation and act as the group’s representative early on.

6. You get the best seat in the car, on the couch, and the remote – always.

7. It is hard as hell to watch younger siblings go through hard times.

8. If they don’t like your significant other, it’s basically a death sentence. Always bonus points for winning over the little sis.

9. There is absolutely no one you will laugh harder with – there is no one else that understands the craziness that goes on inside your house and how weird you and your whole family really are.

10. They can be a mirror. In them, you will see all of the best and worst parts of you. They can be your mini-me, your complete opposite, or a blend of the two, and you will love them just the same. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – TimothyJ

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