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I’m Finally Ready To Admit That I Was Abused

He only held me down in the back bedroom of a house party, forcing me to explore his body, despite the tears in my eyes and the bruises on my wrists. He only hovered over me in the dark, removed his clothes, and menacingly whispered, “You’re going to lose it to me eventually, mark my words.” But, you’re right. He never even raped me.

If You Ever Leave Me

If you ever leave me, I will remember the moment I fell in love with you. I will remember the way everything felt like slow motion and warp speed all at once.

I Have To Thank You For Never Loving Me

You loved the way you could so easily convince me to stay with you, or give something up for you. Most of all, you loved the way that, no matter what you did, I would always find a way to excuse your behavior. But, you never loved me.

This Is When You’ll Miss Me

They will tell you that I’m doing well, and that they really think I’m going to be somebody. They will awkwardly apologize, forgetting for a moment that you and I were not always long lost friends, but lovers instead. You will say that you’re happy for me, and then excuse yourself, and then go home alone.