The Way I Made Love To You

Every kiss was a treasure. Every kiss you planted on my lips were taken with a deep breath; Even when we were drunk senselessly. Your breath on my face, I would take your face in my hand and kiss you a little vigorously, like this is the last time I would kiss you. I know other boys taste your lips, sometimes on the very same day, but I close my eyes because right now it doesn’t matter. In this moment it’s just you and me. I would kiss your forehead. I would kiss your eyes. I’ll make my way back to your lips and let you poison me.

I don’t know if you ever really liked my breath on your neck, but I couldn’t stay away and you never really said anything. You’d just close your eyes and let me wander. Your ears are your weakness. I never get to move my tongue around too long before you bring me back to your lips. I let you draw oceans in my mouth.

I would turn your around and kiss every freckle on your back. Kiss after kiss. Hundreds of freckles, each one I have kissed. Maybe I was just marking my territory, just in my head; we both knew it didn’t mean to you what it meant to me.

And I would kiss every freckly on your chest. With my hand playing games where they shouldn’t be. I taste your skin with every kiss. I’m in no rush. Just my tongue up and down your body. I close my eyes to feel the warmth of your body. I would wrap my arms around you and put my head down on your chest. For a moment I can hear your heartbeat so loud. And I’d let you get lost between my legs.

There are still many places on my body that your lips haven’t touched. My body is still undiscovered by you. You only know the basic stops of my body. I don’t think you’ve noticed the birthmark behind my neck or the scar on my right thigh. Maybe that why I kept coming back night after night, hope you’d discover me, falling apart in your arms.

Every time you called, I knew it wasn’t because I was special. I was just available. But it didn’t stop me from changing all my plans. Some nights the cost for a hug was too much, but I couldn’t imagine being with anyone else but you. For every time I kissed you, it was more than just touching your lips. It was like star light, it was like Christmas, it was like my birthday, and I didn’t know any other way but to celebrate these little moments knowing your could take them away freely at your will. So I would just close my eyes and kiss your lips once more time. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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