8 Non-Negotiable Things Every Woman Needs To Do In Her 20s

As a woman in my twenties, I have a lot of life left to live. I want to see the sparkling lights of the Eiffel Tower at night (again), go to a strip club with my girlfriends and try more street food that is bound to give me food poisoning. I want to learn another language, fall in love and become an expert in a subject (something like human sexuality). There are some things we as women need to accomplish in our twenties. Why? We will never regret doing them, but we will regret letting those moments pass us by.

1. Read a novel.

None of that fan-fiction b.s. – but a classic book (think Emma or The Age of Innocence). And while you may have an unhealthy obsession with your Kindle (like me), get a paperback.

2. Dance the night away in a city you’ve never been to.

Ibiza is on my list. I want to come back with a story too ridiculous to make up.

3. Stay naked for twenty-four hours.

You might need to stay inside for this one, but think of how exhilarated you will feel. And no, being hungover in bed does NOT count (I’ve tried).

4. Smoke a joint with someone in your family.

I’ve done this with my brother and aunt – let’s just say Thanksgiving dinner circa 2017 was a blur.

5. Go a week without wearing a bra.

Or a month. Or a year.

6. Watch an erotic film.

Do this without touching yourself, or anyone else for that matter.

7. Buy tickets for you and your plus one to an intimate concert.

Find an indie artist and go to a local show (I recommend a band like Wet). I’ve found experiences last longer than material objects.

8. Stop giving a fuck about what everyone else your age is doing.

Instead, just focus on YOU. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

I am a twenty-something woman struggling through life in Southern California…from 73 degree weather to sunset picnics, it’s a pretty rough life out here. You can find me with an elderflower martini in my left hand, and a book in my right.

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