The Truth Is We Are ALL Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, And Charlotte

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Sex And The City

Why is the question always “Are you a Carrie, Samantha, Miranda or Charlotte?” I don’t know a single person that resembles only one. Sex and the City works for just that reason; the characters are a compilation of characteristics all women encompass…the good, the bad and the naughty.

Of course, there are the obvious similarities we may find in ourselves with these beloved women:

Carrie – Lover of fashion, writing, and men.

Samantha – Lover of herself, sex, and men.

Miranda – Lover of principles, ambition, and men.

Charlotte – Lover of idealism, femininity, and men.

But when we truly dig deep, there is so much more to this group of ladies:

Carrie – I fucking love Carrie Bradshaw. She is hated on by so many for being irresponsible in two very important aspects of life…money and men. But who isn’t? While I may not have ever purchased Vogue instead of dinner like our dear Carrie, you can bet your ass I’ve blown off dinner for a round of Cosmopolitans. And when it comes to men, it’s pretty safe to say I am p i c k y. If it’s not perfect, I don’t want it. I’ve come to realize over the last few years this way of thinking is completely impractical…which is where my inner Samantha takes over.

Samantha – I will never understand people who don’t want to be like Samantha Jones. Simply put, I think she’s a complete badass. I WISH I had the balls to return a vibrator (which was actually a back massager), as I always purchase bedroom items on Amazon. I WISH I was adventurous enough to be a try-sexual (will try anything one), but we can’t all be that sexually liberated. I praise Samantha for her utter lack of giving a fuck. I’ve certainly taken on this way of thinking into my own life. I’m not quite sure just how healthy this change has been, but I’ll get back to you on that one.

Miranda – Why is it that people never want to be the Miranda Hobbes of the group? I would argue she has her life figured out more than the rest of the crew. If only I had that sort of drive in me and knew exactly how I saw my life ending at the finish line. What I do, however, find in common with Miranda, is my complete inability to let people in. Control over ourselves is the one thing we have (yes, you guessed it) control over, but even Miranda couldn’t do this, as she was a complete people-pleaser. Making everyone in the room happy is a daunting task, but one so many of us feel the need to accomplish.

Charlotte – Sweet, sweet Charlotte York, the one character it took me years to understand. She is overbearingly traditional and deceptively optimistic, things of which I am not. But when you get to the core of her being, the loving and honest side of herself she offers to everyone is endearing and gives us hope. Hope for a bright future filled with love and friendships. I’ve always seen her as overwhelmingly positive, but her loyalty to her friends and loved ones trumps all (even her sometimes pathetic outlook on prince charming).

So there you have it. Sex and the City made waves in our society and will continue to do so for the generations of women (and men) to come. Whether you’re waiting for your very own Mr. Big, Aiden, Stanford, Harry, Jerry or Steve…just remember how fucking long it took for these four brilliant women to find the man of their dreams (and more importantly how many Cosmopolitans they inhaled during the wait).

Full disclosure: whenever my girlfriends and I debate over who is who in the group, I am ALWAYS the Samantha. I owe this to my (sometimes) offensive and unforgivable need to make people feel uncomfortable and unashamed about their sexuality. SO WHAT if I take things “too far” as I often do? That’s my inner Samantha kicking ass and taking names. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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