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My Mother Will Always Be The Greatest Gift Of All

They say that being a mom is the hardest yet most rewarding job of all time. It is something that changes you from the moment you find out that you are pregnant. A gift of life grows inside of you, alters your body, changes your finances, and grows in your heart.

I consider myself so lucky that “mom” isn’t just a word to me. It isn’t just the name of someone I refer to and it isn’t something meaningless that just gets thrown around.

To me, my mom is the greatest gift of all. My mom has taught me—and more importantly, modeled to me—the act of being selfless. I have never met another person on this planet who has the strengths, qualities, and love that my mother possesses. She has shown me that being a mom is more than just having a child—it is caring, loving, supporting, guiding, and nurturing that human being into their adulthood. It is holding their hand when things get tough and releasing that grip when it’s time to let your baby fly. She has taught me that there is no mountain too high to climb and no dream too big to dream. She has shown me that no matter what life throws at you, being strong and keeping a good heart is always an option worth taking.

No mother in the world has had an easy life. Everyone experiences heartbreak and loss at least once in their journey, but my mother has shown me how to turn these negative experiences into positive ones and always see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am forever grateful to have a mother who can stand so strong, protect her children,and continue to wear a smile regardless of how she is truly feeling inside. A mother who simply and truly shows unconditional love. We learn so much as we grow up, but one thing we take for granted is the lessons we learn each day from those we love. As teenagers, we become frustrated with our parents and begin to rebel, but as we get older, we realize how much they love us and we begin to appreciate them on a whole new level.

So, to me, my mom is more than just a mom. She is my guardian angel, someone who I can always count on, a shoulder I can always cry on, a smile that will always guide me, and a heart that will always love me. To me, my mom is the world.

Thank you, Mom, for inspiring me, supporting me, making me laugh, and teaching me how to be a mom to my own one day.

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