Be The Girl Who Saves Herself

It takes strength not to abandon yourself. Sometimes you feel so alone, hurt, angry, disappointed, or frustrated that you just want to get up and run away forever. You put yourself down to feel so low that you question whether or not you will ever rise again.

In those times, you’ll think about other people and how they deal with things. You’ll think about all the things you should have done or should have said, all the steps you should have taken, all the signs you should have seen. And you’ll overanalyze everything as usual. You’ll hate yourself for all those things you could have and should have done. It will appear you find pleasure in overthinking things and stressing out—you just can’t seem to stop.

Then one day it will all click. It is purely your mind playing games on your heart. You’ll then be forced to realize that the clock’s not turning back, so what’s left for you to do?

You find that strength and find that courage to back yourself up. You will embrace those decisions and own what you do. You will learn to analyze these situations positively and stop losing sleep over them.

These tough realizations in life define who you become. They help you learn; they help you grow. They make you the person you’re destined to be.

It’s your journey, and it’s okay to get lost along the way and to not know which direction is right.

Just please do not lose sight of your purpose. Let that drive you and allow it to motivate you—let it define you.

Don’t let your feelings of insecurity and confusion allow you to lose who you have become. Don’t allow it to have the power to make you doubt yourself and all you have achieved. Do not allow it to be the end of you.

Find the little things in life that remind you it’s all going to be okay. Read a book, go on an adventure, practice yoga, listen to music. Anything you can do to just feel at ease, even if it’s only for five minutes.

Because those five minutes can have the power to change all. They can remind you how strong you are and how close you are to your goal. They can bring back that drive and that motivation that makes you you. They can give you that extra push to get you over the finish line, to make you a happier and more successful version of yourself.

So during the times where life gets tough, find those things. A few moments of optimism in your life can save you a lifetime of regrets. When things get hard, we sometimes take the easier option and just quit, but not you—you can accomplish all. You can be somebody that you are proud to look in the mirror and see. You can be somebody who glows with ambition and success. But more importantly, you can be the girl who saved herself.

Let the low times in your life usher in the times when you fly higher than you’ve been before. This is your life—it’s time to stop being so hard on yourself.

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