Where Dreams Go When They Die

I am at the point in my life where things will really start to happen soon. I am in my early twenties, about to graduate college, and I often think of what my future will have in store for me. I know I’m a dreamer. I have always believed in thinking up great big plans and to try as hard as I can to reach my goals.

One of my favorite things is hearing about other people’s dreams too. Hearing someone talk about their future and plans is so inspirational. There is nothing like seeing a person’s face light up when they talk about their passions and list the steps of how they hope their life will turn out. Hearing other people talk about what they want to do always inspires me to think about my life and how I want it to turn out, whether it be bucket list items or my weekend plans.

Lately though I have noticed a pattern in a lot of my surrounding co-workers or friends lives. They seem to be down grading their plans. There is nothing wrong with changing your mind about things, but it seems to me they are low balling their dreams for reasons that could be overcome. I always wondered how people from all over talk about how they wasted their lives or they had all these plans and got stuck in a rut that never ended. Now I am realizing that this is a time where this starts to happen. The second doubt springs into the back of your mind is the second Plan B’s start to form. It just saddens me to think that anyone would change their mind about something they were so passionate about just because they are afraid. It makes me doubt myself too, because just like inspiration is contagious so is uncertainty.

This is the time to try and fail and try again. Change your mind, but make sure it’s for something just as great as the first plan. Dreams shouldn’t die so early. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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