13 Women Reveal The One Sexual Act They Never Thought They’d Like (But Ended Up Loving)

Photo by OnaArtist.com
Photo by OnaArtist.com

1. “Call me prude, but I was low-key terrified to 69. I just thought it’d be rhythmically awkward and totally unattractive. Turns out, it’s a blast! Nobody gives a shit what you look like mid-bone, and going down on each other at the same time makes the act way more pleasurable for both parties.”

— Adira, 21

2. “Having sex with girls!”

— Becca, 23

3. “A finger in the butt, to my great surprise, is extremely pleasurable. I’m such a WASP, and the backdoor has historically been like, a major no-go for me. As it turns out, though, an almost accidental (but still assured) finger in the tush is a huge turn on.”

— Kay, 26

4. “Trying literally any position besides missionary. Even the thought of me on top petrified me until I started dating someone I really liked, and really wanted to try new stuff with. You discover a lot about your body and what it likes when you’re with the same person for a while.”

— Evelyn, 22

5. “Getting eaten out! It’s sad, but in high school, I was literally convinced I’d never let someone go down on me. I was embarrassed about what I’d been conditioned to think were ‘abnormal’ vaginal odors, and honestly, I thought my vagina was super ugly. I’m a cliche, I know, but all it took was a gender studies class and a few wise, older girls in college to eradicate my vagina panic. GET HEAD, GIRLS—IT’S GOOD FOR YOU!”

— Gray, 21

6. “Never thought I’d be the type to love rough sex, but alas, some good choking and hair-pulling really gets the job done for me.”

— Pippa, 24

7. “Okay, it’s a little embarrassing, but I actually really love giving blowjobs. I always assumed they’d be gross and growing up Catholic, you know, we’re not supposed to do that. But I have submissive tendencies and I find it super hot.”

— Lizzie, 20

8. “Getting my nipples licked/sucked on. I have huge areoles that I was, for a long time, really embarrassed about. I’d make sure anyone I hooked up with didn’t go anywhere near them—usually, I’d leave my bra on during sex. But once I starting hooking up with a guy I felt really comfortable with, my apprehension faded. Now, I love a good nip lick.”

— Lenore, 23

9. “Anal. My mom told me never to do it (lol), and I’d heard horror stories from my friends about not being able sit after trying it, because it hurt them so bad. But five months or so into have a boyfriend, I was down to shake things up. We used plenty of lube, and I did all the moving. It was (and continues to be) so, so hot. It really shouldn’t hurt if you’re doing it right!”

— Deedra, 21

10. “…All the sexual acts. I used to be so self-conscious about my body that I genuinely thought I’d never like having sex. But after four years of college struggling to ‘find myself’ and building up my confidence, what do you know—I love sex!”

— Lara, 22

11. “Having a threesome with another chick and my boyfriend. I always thought I’d be far too jealous to go through with it, but after we’d been dating for a year, I decided I was too confident in our relationship to let a little jealousy get in the way of doing something I’d always wanted to try. We found her on Bumble. She was super hot and ate pussy like a champ. No regrets.”

— Saskia, 25

12. “I’d always watch girls getting spanked porn and be like LOL that looks ridiculous and not at all fun. And then one day, I guess I became possessed or something, because out of nowhere, I started yelling at my boyfriend to spank me. He was kinda petrified, but I was SO into it.”

— Rose, 23

13. “Fucking outdoors. It was his idea. I hate the outdoors. I hate dirt and bugs and spiders and being cold. But I might have loved him at the time, at least enough to put aside my OCD and give it a try. It was hella hot. We did it once in his backyard and once in the graveyard by my mom’s house.”

— Quinn, 26 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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