13 Men Reveal The One Sexual Act They Never Thought They’d Like (But Ended Up Loving)


1. “Before a girl ever touched my penis, I thought getting my balls handled would freak me out. As it turns out, though, some quality ball-handling is an integral part of penis play.”

— Victor, 21

2. “69-ing sounded mad awkward but I felt like it was one of those things you gotta do just to say you’ve done it. I am a child. It’s not awkward at all. It’s lit.”

— Nick, 20

3. “Not gonna lie, the one and only time a woman has licked my butthole was pretty turnt.”

— Charlie, 23

4. “As far as sex goes, I love it all. But one thing I didn’t think I’d be particularly into was using a vibrator on a girl. I guess I thought I wouldn’t get anything out of it. I was wrong, it’s mad fun.”

— Zander, 25

5. “Making sex tapes. I really didn’t understand why people did it before I started dating my boyfriend. But it’s very hot. And it’s not just about watching the videos afterwards…it’s about watching yourself in the camera while you’re recording. I’m very into it.”

— Danny, 21

6. “Back in the day, I avoided cunnilingus like the plague. By senior year in college, though, I’d slept with a few grown ass women who aggressively pointed out that refusing to go down on a girl is not chill. All it took was some well-instructed practice to make me realize that giving head can be as satisfying as getting head, when you’re doing it right.”

— Jamal, 23

7. “Three way with another dude. I just had one with the girl I’m hooking up with and a buddy of mine. I never thought I’d be down for it. But she was so into it and she looked hot as fuck. Keeping it real, there were some weird eye contact moments between me and my friend. but other than that, I give it an A+.”

— Christian, 22

8. “Dirty talk seemed like torture till I was inspired by a woman who really knew what to say. She didn’t say anything crazy. But a simple, well-delivered ‘cum for me’ did the trick.”

— Nanda, 23

9. “I’ve never had full on anal, but when I’m very drunk, I like messing around with their butts a bit.”

— Greg, 21

10. “Semi-public sex. In a library or a common room, for example. Theoretically I’m way too paranoid to pull it off. Luckily, alcohol exists.”

— Kenny, 22

11. “Never thought I’d be into any s&m type shit till I started dating a woman with half a closet full of bondage materials. She knows how to use them. That’s all there is to it.”

— Porter, 25

12. “You couldn’t have paid me to have period sex when I was youngin. But I’m grown now, and I’ve realized it’s not gross. I think girls are actually hornier on their periods, plus a little blood can be great as far as natural lube goes.”

— Xavier, 24

13. “I’m not speaking from experience here, but I know a few savages who swear by a finger in the butt.”

— Troy, 21 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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