8 Stupid Simple Ways To Guarantee An Epic Orgasm

Photo by OnaArtist.com
Photo by OnaArtist.com

1. Focus.

It may sound kinda dumb, but I told you these tricks would be stupid! ;) If your goal is to have an epic orgasm, you’ve gotta want it. Tell yourself you’re giving your parter the best damn luvin’ s/he’s every received, contract those pelvic muscles, and voilà! You’ll be climaxing like never before.

2. Make lube your best friend.

TRUST: Lube will be the key to your sexual success. In order to enjoy sex, being properly lubricated for the act is a MUST. Do yourself a major solid and add a fat tub of coconut oil—nature’s (incredible) lube—to your next Amazon shipment. It smells delicious, it melts on contact with your skin, and it’ll change your sex life, guaranteed.

3. Take. Your. Tiiiime.

One of the best ways to enhance your sexual pleasure is to ease your way into sex. Don’t rush it—spend at least a half an hour touchin’ and teasin’ before you get to bangin’. A hot, occasional quickie is always fun, but generally, the slower the burn, the bigger the O.

4. Cuddle!

For real. Cuddling (and other intimate love-gestures) prompts your body to release oxytocin—the “love hormone”—which, in turn, delivers a far grander finale.

5. Make sure you’re getting ample practice.

If you don’t know how to pleasure yourself, your partner never will. Do the both of you a favor and get to know your body and what makes it tingle—alone—on a regular basis.

6. Go toy shopping.

It’s 2016, y’all. If the human body and all its accoutrements aren’t enough to give you the pleasure you need, stop by your friendly neighborhood sex shop, and pick up some reinforcements.

7. Show your clit serious love!

YOUR CLITORIS IS VERY NEEDY, I repeat, YOUR CLITORIS IS VERY NEEDY! If you’re not showing her the love and attention she deserves, you’re cheating yourself out of the best sex you can have. Get her involved. Always!

8. And, finally, do your damn kegels!

Life hack for women everywhere tryna climax: Once a day, when you go pee, hold your urine flow for 10 seconds. It’s low-key hard af, but it’s a great way to strengthen your pelvic muscles, and strong pelvic muscles = FIRE orgasms! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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