13 Women On The One Thing They Wish All Guys Knew About Oral Sex

iStockPhoto.com / Anne Baek
iStockPhoto.com / Anne Baek

1. “If I say ‘don’t stop,’ DO. NOT. STOP. Don’t change a single thing you’re doing, please.

— Mary, 24

2. “All I know is, I get very creative when giving a guy head. Maybe mix up your pacing. Do a little improv dance down there, you know? Just don’t give me the same game over. And over. And…over.”

— Paulette, 22

3. “My clitoris is a sensitive creature. Please do not tongue-punch her as if you’re trying to retrieve a very stubborn sprinkle from a tub of molasses.”

— Nicolette, 23

4. “Trim your nails! Trim your goddamn nails.”

— Kiara, 27

5. “Watch your teeth, dudes. Just like we have to.”

— Ronnie, 19

6. “Just…don’t give my clit a raspberry. Nobody likes a raspberry to the clit. Nobody.”

— Bea, 20

7. “Don’t get me wrong: I enjoy some good butt-play. It is common courtesy, however, to ask before you put a finger in the butt.”

— Quentin, 21

8. “Hey, guys, you know how it doesn’t feel that great when a girl goes down on you after spending a week in the Sahara without water or, like, a stick of gum? It’s always smart to hydrate beforehand.”

— Reese, 19

9. “Whoever told men that they could just nuzzle their faces between a woman’s thighs and improvise on the spot should be shot.”

— Harley, 26

10. “Keep in mind that tongue-flicking can only go so far.”

— Ciara, 22

11. “Every girl’s vagina is different, and likes different things. What works on one of them might not work on another so spend some time figuring each one out.”

— Ximena, 23

12. “Slow and steady wins the race. Always.”

— Luanne, 25

13. “I would just like to tell all the men out there that they should not be offended when a girl tries to help them out with their technique, you know? Vaginas are way more mysterious than their male counterpart so there’s no reason to feel deflated when we give you a few pointers.”

— Zoe, 20 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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