10 Women On The Moment They Finally Decided To Leave Their Fuckboy Boyfriends (For Real This Time)

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1. “I broke up with the first asshole I ever dated when he called me a whore at my birthday party because of how I was dressed. I slapped the hell out of his face and got kicked out of the restaurant. Worth it.”

— Sal, 26

2. “I ended things with my high school boyfriend when he ditched my senior graduation party to go drop acid and watch Alice in Wonderland at the movies with his boys. Best part? His parents showed up at my grad party asking where he was. Did I tell them the truth? Sure did.”

— Giuliana, 19

3. “When he cheated on me with 13 different people within the course of a month.”

— Abel, 23

4. “He kept claiming he was ‘too broke’ to take a vacation with me. I found that kind of hard to believe, considering he made a decent accountant’s salary, but I didn’t pressure him too much. One day, over dinner, he announced he was going to Barbados for a week with his FEMALE best friend. I was like, you’ve gotta be fucking with me, Kevin. He was not. He was, however, clearly asking for a break up, and I gave it to him.”

— Paulina, 25

5. “We went on a break, and instead of taking that week to ruminate on our relationship, he decided to spend it fucking his ex. I was humiliated and heartbroken at the time, but looking back on it, he did me a huge favor. Who knows when I would’ve gotten my shit together and broken up with him if it hadn’t been for that final push.”

— Wynne, 29

6. “We’d been dating for 5 years, since we were seniors in college. I’m not the marrying type, but a half-decade into the relationship, I did want to live with him. When I finally proposed that he should move out of his place and into mine, he totally freaked. He was like, ‘We’re not ready for that. We’re so young. We have so many things to experience separately.’ I was like, ‘Really? Well I’m 26, and I’m ready for it. And if you’re not, I’m officially over this.'”

— Luisa, 27

7. “A year into our relationship, I took him to Thanksgiving dinner at my parents’ house, which was a big deal for me. He had a tendency to get drunk and flirt with girls, which I hated, and I was praying he wouldn’t make a fool out of me in front of my whole family. I ended up passing out in a turkey coma super early. The next morning, my sister nervously woke me up to tell me that he’d made a pass on her while I was sleeping. I don’t think I’ve ever been so furious. I was nice enough to do him a favor by kicking him out in time to save him from a serious ass beating, courtesy of my mother.”

— Alex, 26

8. “My first serious, out-of-college boyfriend was overgrown frat star. He had a full-time job that he’d often arrive to wretchedly hungover, since he’d go drinking with his alpha omega whatever-the-fuck buddies at least three nights a week. One night, I brought him as my plus one to a holiday party where I worked. My office at the time was a serious, ties-tied kind of place, so I warned him to PLEASE not over-drink and embarrass me in front of my colleagues. Of course, my request fell on deaf ears. I kid you not, at one point, he staggered on top of our conference table, piss drunk, and started chanting some idiotic frat song. I was mortified. It became clear at that moment that I couldn’t waste another second on that alcoholic asshole.”

— May, 25

9. “My most recent boyfriend was a really jealous and controlling guy. And honestly, for a lot of our relationship, I thought it was kind of flattering that he was so possessive of me. But one day I bought this adorable new bikini, and when I tried it on for him, he grunted: ‘You better not ever wear that if I’m not with you.’ I ended it then and there.”

— Ashani, 21

10. “I’m a painter, and he was an investment banker with a hard-on for Excel and bragging about his six-figure salary. He would constantly condescend to me about my work. One night, I met him and some of his work buddies for a drink. He proceeded to get wasted and started making fun of me and my art—which he kept on referring to in air quotes—in the most demeaning way. At one point, he called me a ‘bored hippie.’ I walked out of the bar, and I haven’t seen him since.”

— Chantelle, 24 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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