Taylor Swift F*cked Up Last Night When She Picked A Twitter Fight With Nicki Minaj

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Helga Esteb

Yesterday, MTV announced its nominees for the Video Music Awards. The network hit Nicki Minaj with three nominations, but failed to rank her deserving of a shot at Video Of The Year—and that friends, is UTTER bullshit.

When an artist releases an immediately-iconic music video, that artist should be appropriately credited for her work. Following this simple logic, it’s not-so-lowkey OUTRAGEOUS that MTV failed to recognize the enormous, intersectional feminist brilliance of Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda vid—which nearly broke the goddamn internet when it dropped last August—with a nom for VOTY.

When Minaj released the vid for her bad bitch anthem, I felt nothing short of #blessed to be an OG Nicki fan. That video did more than turn me the fuck up—it made me celebrate the beauty of full-bodied, culturally-impactful Black women. It reclaimed the sound and shake that Black people give pop culture, and it broke records while it did it.

Nicki is VERY aware of why she is systematically denied proper recognition for her epic contributions to pop culture, so she wasted no time calling MTV the fuck OUT for their categorically RACIST vapidity when she tweeted late yesterday afternoon:

Followed by:

Damn straight, Onika. Tell ‘em.

Then Taylor Swift, whose dumbass video for Bad Blood was nominated for VOTY, decided to get involved. Narcissistic knees all shook by the wind of white fragility, Swift tweeted at Nicki:


Um, I’m SO sorry Taylor, but who the FUCK was talking to you? I don’t doubt that Nicki was referring to you/Bad Blood in her original tweets, but in NO way did she attack you as a person/artist. She was, simply, making some very valid, painfully real points about the racism that reverberates throughout the music industry—if you had half a brain, you’d be standing behind Nicki and crediting her for the ass-shaking *ingenuity* of, say, your hit vid, Shake It Off (and not, per usual, making everything about you).

Did ur white parents teach how to hang ur chain and drop ur ass that low, Tay? Yeah…that’s what I thought. You borrow Black images and use them for your “art,” and consequently, you get PRAISED for it. Nicki, on the other hand, doesn’t get shit. And don’t you dare use your reductive, boring, one-dimensional understanding of “girl power” to accuse Nicki of “pit[ting] women against each other.” Let her know, Nicki:

In response to which Taylor extended a VERY kind invitation:


…Ha. Bitch, Nicki doesn’t need your pity, and she’s not interested in sharing your limelight. You’re missing the goddamn point—you are so, so freakin’ dumb. If Nicki gets on that stage, it ain’t go’n be cuz you invited her—it’ll be because she’s there to, symbolically, take WTF is hers:

In other words, Tay, “I’ma let you finish, but…” #TEAMNICKI Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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