27 Epic Screenshots Of ‘Boys’ Failing To Flirt With Women Via Txt Msg

Screenshots brought to you, once again, by my perfectly batshit, boss best friends.

1. When he tries to bribe you with weed…

ben 1

2. …But u already high:

ben 2

3. When his wit rivals his sex appeal:


4. When u lose that tracking device he planted in u:


5. When he’s shit out of options…so he resorts to texting you Drake lyrics )’:


6. When he’s spontaneous AF!


7. When somebody seriously needs to get this bitch a Dasani (thiiir. stay.):

mike 1

…Please. Anybody. The Dasani.


8. When he’s just tryna sext midday, and you’re just tryna change the subject:


9. When seasons change, but his love stays the same <3:


10. When you meet him on Grindr, smh:


11. …When you meet him on CZECH Grindr, smFh:

zach 1

12. When he “forgets” his shoes at your place…???


13. When he literally just wants to keep you in the loop:


14. When he’s literally so obsessed with u rn:

lucas 2

15. When he’s a wee bit slow:


16. When he wants to take you to fuckin’ dinner cuz you’re a lady and he’s a gent:

nick 1

…Like, seriously. This guy’s a knight in shining fucking armor:

nick 2

…SERIOUSLY. You’ve got a a red-blooded, strapping mafuckin’ PRINCE CHARMING on ur hands (Seriously. Ur friends can even tag along, u lucky slut!):

nick 3

17. When HE’s over YOU, and he won’t let you forget it:

peter 1

…Because he’s actually crazy rn:

peter 2


peter 3

18. When he was “playing shot or text last night…” (yaaa OK):


19. When he’s just got “some stuff” to say, poor thing:

liam 1

20. When he misses u (criiinge):

gavin 2

21. …When he has a girlfriend…


22. When he’s faaar too nice to fuck with a girl like you:

gavin 1

23. When he just wants to hang…..NO PRESSURE:


24. When he’s harboring some late night regret:


25. When he’s a little confundido:

lucas 1

26. When he’s hopelessly ambitious:

liam 2

27. And, finally, when he just wants some GD nudes:

nudes 2


nudes 1

Aaand that’s all he wrote. Night-night, Thirstiest Boys Of 2015. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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