5 Ways To Stay On Track When Shit Gets Real

Doug Robichaud
Doug Robichaud

Before you read further, diet means what you eat, your nutrition, not a diet.

Life can get crazy. I get it. I have 2 kids and a business. I’m one of those people that constantly needs to be go, go, go! But let’s be real – shit happens to ALL of us. Some of us keep kicking ass, while others let that stuff get the best of them and they fall off. Decide right now who you’re gonna be.

Know your ‘why’ & envision that badass lady you will become.

I’m not talking a “I want to look good in a bikini” kind of why. I’m talking about that deep stuff. The stuff that’s going to happen in your life when you make some pretty amazing transformations. When envisioning that lady, make sure you see and feel what it will be like to be her. Go deep.

Plan & prep.

First step is to get the crap out of your house (and if others in your house don’t agree, it’s time for a little chat with them). Ever hear the phrase, “out of sight, out of mind?”. Boom! Next, schedule your workouts into your week. Schedule them just like you would schedule any other important appointment. Also, prep your food. Make big batches and then just throw things together.

Be selfish.

Yep, give yourself permission to put yourself first and say no to others. You deserve to feel good and be happy. Make yourself a priority NOW.

Have the right tribe.

We women need support. We need to have a group of women to be there for us, but also to push us, challenge us AND call us out on our BS.

Remember it’s okay.

Again, it’s okay. Things happen. Be the strong, empowered woman that recognizes it and makes the decision to move forward. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Tatiana Amico is a Health Coach and Business Mentor empowering women to take control of their health and life.

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