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On Going Home

All conversations with your father a monosyllabic; there are not enough words for what your mother has to tell you. She is fourteen again, a gossiping teen. No, she is just lonely.

Why Little Girls Starve Themselves

It began at thirteen, breakfasts hidden in desk drawers, flushed down the toilet, and, when the toilet had backed up, its pipes blocked by bananas and boiled eggs and buttered slices of toast and so much cereal and so much…

The Definitive Guide To Mardi Gras

The key to a successful trip is the least amount of sleep. A total of four hours of sleep prior to leaving is a good amount. Take the earliest flight out. 6:30 in the morning is a good time.

Five Months Without You

The first night after you left, after you drove off and I ran after you, running and believing that you would stop for me, I slept on the living room floor.

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