A Comprehensive List Of Things White Girls Get Away With

credit: Britney Spears
credit: Britney Spears
  1. Not shaving legs
  2. Freeing nipples
  3. Leggings as pants
  4. Yoga
  5. Raw diets
  6. Juice cleanses
  7. Detoxing
  8. Turning periods into art
  9. “Feminist” underwear
  10. Granny panties as a trend
  11. Writing about granny panties for the New York Times
  12. Shoplifting
  13. Not apologizing
  14. Relating to Winona Ryder on a cerebral level
  15. Nude lipstick
  16. Frosted lipgloss
  17. Every shade of red lipstick
  18. Writing think-pieces on how hard it is to be beautiful
  19. Lena Dunham, in general
  20. The “Some Of My Best Friends Are Black” Excuse
  21. Not shaving armpits
  22. Not showering
  23. Wearing weaves without being called “ghetto”
  24. Partaking in “ghetto” culture without being dubbed “ghetto”
  25. Judgement
  26. Organic deodorant
  27. Hobo Chic
  28. Boho Chic
  29. Normcore
  30. Female Gaze
  31. Puppies in purses
  32. White Girl Wasted
  33. Not apologizing
  34. Beach hair
  35. Cultural appropriation
  36. Casual racism
  37. Reverse racism
  38. Dancing on tabletops at the club
  39. Body shots
  40. Designated ugly fat friends
  41. Race-specific feminism
  42. Anything in the name of feminism
  43. Walking barefoot in public spaces
  44. Ascribing to Myers Briggs types
  45. Subscribing to Susan Miller, ironically
  46. Being against gentrification
  47. Classifying predominantly non-gentrified areas as “scary”
  48. Irony, in general
  49. Breaking and entering
  50. Not apologizing
  51. Writing think-pieces defending their right to season-specific Starbucks beverages
  52. Videos of themselves rapping to Lil Wayne while stuck in traffic
  53. Dreads
  54. Cornrows
  55. Flower crowns
  56. Feather headdresses
  57. Majestic headpieces
  58. Feeling threatened by non-white men
  59. Being one-sixteenth Native American
  60. Being one-sixteenth anything
  61. American Apparel
  62. Spray tans
  63. Writing think-pieces on how hard it is to be privileged
  64. Murder
  65. Hating parents
  66. Asian sidekicks
  67. Traveling to Third World countries for spiritual awakenings
  68. Bad decisions
  69. Bad credit
  70. Getting a pony
  71. Not giving rap awards to Nicki Minaj
  72. Giving rap awards to Iggy Azalea
  73. Being the standard for beauty
  74. Not apologizing
  75. Being a White Girl TC mark


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