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In The Corners Of My Heart

In the back of my mind, in the deepest corners,

There’s a story I can’t seem to forget,

It’s etched into my mind,

Buried in my soul, each and every corner,

I remember the first time we got to know each other,

You bought me ice-cream,

Your chocolate swirl stayed in the corners of your mouth,

We laughed like kids, even then falling harder,

Your hand nervously creeps around my shoulders,

Our first movie together,

I leaned into you, wanting everything to move slower,

Cradled in the corner of that old movie house,

Meet me on that corner where the rain kissed us gently,

Ready to walk hand-in-hand,

Wherever you take me, I’ll go,

Spin me around and steal a kiss,

Hop from corner to corner, there’s nothing quite like this,

Pull me closer and we’re perfectly cuddled up on the bed,

Brush my hair off my face and put your lips on mine,

We stay like this until we fall asleep, both of us sharing a corner,

I quickly peek to see if you’re asleep and you’ve got a smile on your face,

because you’re doing the same,

Now that some time has passed,

I wonder if you sit in your chair in the corner and think about me,

Whether you wonder if things were different, where would we be?

Do I still cross the corners of your mind like you do mine?

I miss the way we used to be,

When we still lived in forever,

I said I’d be yours,

You said you’d be mine,

Every corner had a corner of us,

I sit down in these empty spaces,

And sometimes I pray that things will change,

But maybe this is how it was meant to be,

You, in your corner,

Me, in my corner,

Tears fill my eyes but linger in the corners,

One day they will dry up,

And I’ll leave it all behind,

But for now, I’ll hold onto you and

I’ll sit here in this corner.

About the author

I am a hopeless romantic who still believes in fate and destiny

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