I Was Never One For Happy Endings, Until I Met You


I was never one to expect happy endings. I was always prepared for reality and the bitter outcomes it may bring me. I was always ready to say hello to the goodbyes that life made inevitable.

All my life, I was always busy building my guard — my brick walls and sky-high iron fences. I was always making promises to myself that I would never let the guards down, no matter what, not for anything or anyone.

But at one point in life, at the most unexpected moment in your life, you suddenly decide to make exceptions — the exception to make room for one more, the exception to start to want to listen and negotiate, the exception to sacrifice time in the midst of your busy hours, the exception to try to care and be compassionate, the exception to accept and give away love.

With the drive given by the faithful little soul lingering inside of you, you suddenly forget all the promises you made to yourself. You forget all the risks and calculations you’ve spent years re-counting and noting. You forget the large effort it takes to keep yourself safe.

Because the little soul inside of you believes that someday, someone might come along and they just might cope with your complications and they might even eventually understand them and they might even love them.

That maybe someone might get your bizarre taste in music and like your sense of humor, no matter how low or annoying or weird it may be.

That someone might be willing to stay up at 2 AM just to make sure you don’t feel alone driving on an empty road on a quiet night.

That someone might take you for a ride around the city while dealing with your drunken words after that box-of-milk-to-sober-up attempt post-Tequila Night to make sure you don’t get home looking like an utter mess.

That someone might willingly allow you to suffocate (or sometimes hurt) them in your ever-changing, space-consuming nap positions.

That someone will make you feel so loved that you don’t ever feel bad about yourself anymore and you just entirely forget and stop all those secret bad habits, strict diets and killer workouts that are eating you up slowly.

And the little soul inside of you still believes that one day,
just maybe,
someone might come along
and look at you with the same fascination they have for the stars
in the endless night sky,
and whisper the three words you have been secretly yearning for. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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