Read This If You Feel Like Your World Is Going To End

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It happened. Your world is crumbling. The one thing you thought you couldn’t bear just became a reality. All you can feel is despair seep into every inch of your being, making it hard for you to breathe. You think to yourself, surely, this is where everything stops. The worst possible thing that could have happened, happened so why is the world not ending? You don’t quite understand.

“Why am I still here? Why does my heart continue to beat? Why are my lungs still fuelling my body with oxygen?” 

You question why your body seems so resilient when obviously the world is ending. Doesn’t it realize that there is no reason to keep going anymore?

You try to command its attention. Don’t you understand? It’s over!  What good is it to pump blood through my veins? Don’t you see? It’s over, there is nothing left.

Ignorant of the situation, your body keeps doing what it does best; it keeps going. Your brain whispers, “My dear, while it would have been much easier for the world to simply cease existing, that is not how it works.” You held it to be the absolute truth, that if this happened, the world would end, and yet you were woefully mistaken. The world is vast. There is so much you don’t know. There is so much for you to discover. If you need something to hold onto as true, these clichés ring through every time:

1. When it rains, it pours

2. Things are not fair

3. Life goes on

Nothing knows the truth of cliché number three like your body. Your body is extraordinary. It has one mission, to keep you alive, and it dutifully performs this whether the world is ending or not. Your body keeps going because it knows eventually whether its weeks, months, or years later, you will be grateful. You will thank your body for not stopping.

One day, all of a sudden, you will think about the future without fear, sadness or loss. You will get up. You will fall again. Hard. You will rise over and over again until your falls don’t seem so bad. They will become mere instances where you trip but think nothing of it and continue on your journey. You will one day look forward to things again.

Listen to me, I am screaming this: Eventually, it will all make sense.

You will understand and thank your body for carrying on when you thought you couldn’t. When it feels like the world is going to end but it doesn’t, this is just the start of a new world for you to be part of. Your body will realize this much sooner than your brain, much sooner than your heart. Eventually, they will catch up. You will be grateful one day that even when it felt like the world was going to end, that it didn’t. TC mark

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