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A Real Man

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a real man makes tough choices

choices which are too close   …   and absolutely everything depends upon them

choices which are too far   …   and the right one is much more painful than the wrong one

a real man changes diapers

a real man sometimes loses

and congratulates the winner

a real man has a code of conduct

which is not for sale

a real man is humble

for real

a real man cooks for his lady

and then does the dishes

which he wants to

a real man is scared

but acts anyway

a real man cares for his mother

and rarely talks to his father, whilst caring

a real man underpromises and overdelivers

a real man credits truth above everything

above his ego   …    above comfortable lies  …   above instincts

a real man knows there are real-er men out there

and tries to catch up

a real man eats pussy

a real man has real friends

every once a while a real man can change

himself, his code of conduct

and above all

a real man is in love

love, without which he is nothing

love, the absence of which can break him TC Mark

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