7 Tips For Surviving A Summer Breakup In LA

Warm weather, vacations, brunches, and day drinking are some of the best parts of summer. Many folks look forward to the warm(er) weather season year-round, and nothing can dampen it once it gets here — except an untimely breakup. Your summer is ruined, right? Wrong.

1. Remember you’re in LA. It’s an international summer destination. There are so many folks to meet if you go out to the right places, and some of those folks might be (read: definitely are) way more charming than your recent ex. A rebound summer fling could be just what the doctor ordered.

2. Go to music shows. It’s the best three months to check out some outdoor music events. A lot are free (check out KCRW’s Summer Nights for their roster). Few things ease misery better than drinks, live music, and great weather. Bring a bunch of friends and forget about whatever their name is.

3. Hit the beach. Shockingly, there are a ton of folks in LA who hardly ever go to the beach, if at all. (I’m one of them.) If you’re one of these people and you’ve had a split, head out with a towel and a few friends. Lay out. Pull in the rays, feel the ocean breeze, listen to the water. Scenes like that can sort of put things in perspective. Especially people watching all of the tourists and families. I almost guarantee you’ll walk away feeling refreshed.

4. Take a hike. It’s a swell place for hikes. Tons of places within driving distance to be out and away. The worse the cell service, the better the hike, so choose a trail that’s really out there. The physical activity, the travel, the view, and the fresh air is a great time to reflect on whatever caused your relationship’s demise. Go with a friend and talk it out.

5. See a movie at the Cineramadome. This isn’t really something for your soul or growth or whatever, but it’s such a great theatre. You almost always spot some celebrity or other and the sound and video quality is the best in LA. (If you’re an indie type kid who only watches “real” movies, no one cares about your opinion here.)

6. Day drink on the beach. It sounds like advice from an alcoholic, especially at such a vulnerable time, but it feels so luxurious to wake up, put on some comfortable beach attire and head to one of the many (cheap) bars on the Venice Boardwalk. Noon? Perfect. Head on over. There’s probably a happy hour you’re missing out on. Being drunk in the sun burns out melancholy.

7. Don’t let it ruin your summer. A lot of these things you’d probably do on your own, and you should continue to do. A relationship not working out for whatever reason shouldn’t ruin what’s classically the best time in LA. Come fall, you’ll regret it and might even resent your recent ex. It’s your summer. Live it up. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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