The Beauty Of Autism

You see the world differently and that is what makes you unique. You see the world in complex, intricate lights that I could never understand; yet somehow, you connect these lights to create your own wonderful story. That is what I love most about you.

You take people for their innocence. You have the ability to see the good, look past the bad and embrace the purity within any person. You are so naïve, so over-trusting. Sometimes, I worry for you because I’m scared the world might take advantage of that –but most times, I know I’m wrong. You have a beautiful gift to shower love on anyone you come across, and God knows the world needs more of that gift.

Your smile lights up the room like a thousand little stars twinkling against a dark, sky night. Your laugh makes every single bell ring –but every sound seems to fade away as soon as that laugh comes along. But what’s best isn’t your smile or your laugh –it’s WHY you laugh. You laugh at nothing –or so it seems like nothing to me. You laugh when we just stand there, or when you wake up, or when you eat breakfast. You laugh for no reason and that is why it’s so wonderful. You laugh at things I can’t understand, but only things your inventive brain can wrap around.

When you look at me with those big, wondering eyes, I see it as a sign of love. Love is so hard for you to express but I know you feel it by the little things you do. I value those things more than any words could ever say. So instead of telling me what you feel, you run around chasing things I can’t see, and I can only imagine what that unique mind of yours is creating. I imagine that it must be creating wonderful, magical stories –stories that you are a part of and stories where I will always be your number one fan.

You’ll go to school and stand out because you are different, and I’ll tell you to stand proud because you stand for what goes against the norm. You have a spectacular gift, and what a shame it would be if the world missed out on it. The world is going to be cruel to you, but you stand for what you believe. You stand for your uniqueness and difference. Don’t you ever let the world tell you what you can or cannot be –you can be all the things your little heart desires. When you run away from this world, because this world can be just so cruel, I’ll be there to catch you and all your little stars. I’ll pick you back up and show you the world and all of its sweetness –I’ll take you to the place full of magic and wonder and enchantment. That place where the stars shine so brightly against that dark, sky night.

Where your smile will light up the entire night, more than those thousand little twinkling stars ever could. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – kevin dooley

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