23 Reasons It’s An Absolute Luxury To ‘Not Do Politics’

A long-haired woman stares at a neon sign at The Broad, a museum in Los Angeles, California
Victor Lozano / Unsplash

1. Because you’re not worried about someone else deciding whether or not you’ll see your family again.

2. You’ve never thought of strangers who have never met you and how they perceive your clothing, actions, or language.

3. You control what people say about your culture.

4. You don’t have to be ready, at a moment’s notice, to brandish a passport and prove you belong.

5. When you open your mouth, people don’t feign astonishment at your language abilities.

6. You can travel pretty much anywhere on your own.

7. When you arrive, you won’t be asked to change your clothing.

8. When a stranger meets you for the first time, they don’t try to ask where you’re from without directly asking.

9. Your kids can play any games they want with whatever they choose.

10. Your name doesn’t disqualify you from an interview.

11. Your life will stay the same no matter where your ideals lie.

12. You can distance yourself from atrocious acts.

13. Nobody asks you to defend where you come from.

14. People who make decisions that affect your life most likely agree with you and your views.

15. Movie actors and actresses look like you.

16. Plot lines on TV shows depict someone who looks like you as the hero.

17. Your presence garners respect from people the moment you walk through a door.

18. The people who care for you don’t have to become your translators, speakers, and voice.

19. When you self-segregate, no one calls it out…or even notices.

20. Your life didn’t change dramatically due to a horrific incident that you had nothing to do with.

21. You can make friends with people without anyone asking you if you have something in common.

22. Your future doesn’t depend on people taking chances on you.

23. And finally…all of those things make it acceptable for you to not have an opinion on the things going on around you. TC mark


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