Meme-Hunting Expedition: Toronto


Implies a preexisting narrative that is often Kafka-esque in nature.

The underlined “AND,” the distorted “MADE IN PRISON,” the exclamation mark, the italicization of everything but the title, that allowing prisoners to make bags/bandanas is “giving [them] a second chance in life,” that “ASSORTED” is arguably there more for neurotic reasons having to do with consistency in structural aesthetic than to provide information—each of these details were attempts, I felt, looking at this meme inside an Italian restaurant, at distracting the viewer from each of the other details. The overall effect is one of irresolution. I perceived this meme to exist in some hazy distance—beyond the concept of distraction, beyond each specific distraction—suspecting, but never certain, that it was a medium-strong meme. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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