Meme-Hunting Expedition: Toronto


Belligerently combines two disparate things by utilizing both in the actualization of a third thing.

The combination of “Road Hockey” (as opposed to normal hockey), that the event seems to be meekly sponsored by “BostonPizza,” and the concept of conquering cancer by “getting in on” Road Hockey makes this a relatively powerful meme. Manifesting on the side of a sturdy, old-seeming, very large building enhances this meme slightly—though perhaps superficially. When I saw this meme I felt momentarily disoriented, confused if I was “inside” the internet or somehow looking at someone’s Tumblr (in retrospect I’ve discerned this disorientation to be mostly the manifestation, in concrete reality, of a physical urge to “click to enlarge”). A bus almost hit me, ~20 seconds later, as I captured this meme, holding my iPhone in front of my face, standing a few feet into the street.

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