Meme-Hunting Expedition: Toronto


Gains meme-status intermittently—depending on time-period, geographical culture, media trends.

That the word “sick” now denotes “sweet” or “awesome” (to some degree, in certain subcultures, mostly in America) likely could not have been anticipated by this hospital, despite its possibly government-funded (very large) design-budget. But maybe it was anticipated. Maybe this is an attempt to reclaim the word’s literal meaning, because one wonders why it wasn’t called simply “The Hospital for Children.” Another explanation why it wasn’t called simply “The Hospital for Children” could be that the word “sick,” here, is a self-righteous implication that other hospitals—that certain other hospitals—are tending to children that aren’t sick, perhaps for financial gain. Increasing the value of this meme is the nonsequitur “THE LABATT FAMILY HEART CENTRE,” the incidentally racial “THE BLACK FAMILY FOUNDATION WING,” and that “Sick” is in a much brighter color than any of the other words.

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