Meme-Hunting Expedition: Toronto


Dares—in a sustained, seemingly uncaring manner—the viewer to perceive it as sarcastic.

Somewhat notable for its Helvetica usage, catering already and directly to Fuck Yeah Helvetica-type Tumblrs, this well-designed meme seems more self-aware in its sarcasm than the average “seems sarcastic” meme, which actually reduces its power as a meme. “…for your meal today?” implies that the viewer is accustomed to eating only one meal a day, a slightly memetic concept. The use of the word “meal” recalls McDonalds (“Happy Meal”). “BIBIMBAP” in such large font and all capital letters seems intensely, but naturally, and simply—almost peacefully—bleak. The upper ~65%’s background layer (I didn’t notice this until I transferred this meme from my iPhone to my MacBook, a few days later), set to ~40% opaqueness, is humorously the same image, I think, as the one on the lower left.

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