Critical Analysis of Four Shoppers in a Japanese Supermarket from the Perspectives of Their Disapproving, Estranged Mothers

Typical of Michael, he is just as if in a dream, he should be the place it somewhere else in the immediate wake of his basket was not the problem, he that repeated selection. If he brought enough money to buy all these things, and he does not know. Please look in his basket. He, however, in the passage, his arms out, “funnel” or that shelf? He was running around at the grocery store, he is running or blurred background that is? Michael, because he broke his leg 18 times, eventually I used to run is just that he had sent to America. He came back I think the same as before. I’d like to see him but, if I can stop myself from criticism for his oversized jacket, with an uncontrollable urge to have a long discussion about this photo or I do not know that. I can never control themselves so. I always wear bright colors, Michael said. His facial expression ?Ida have enough, so he has not slept for 40 hours or he will not worry about anything like that.

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