Critical Analysis of Four Shoppers in a Japanese Supermarket from the Perspectives of Their Disapproving, Estranged Mothers

Michelle I recommend that you stop watching those carbs from such a close distance. I do not know what she is doing. I’m back it’s Michelle’s age, in particular, look at any food she does not like bending the approval of that case is not suitable for what you sneeze? I took her everywhere, I liked the way you sneeze anywhere. I really do not know why she has a shopping cart in two separate baskets in it. They have a plastic bag bulging or anything. Certainly it is elegantly furnished rooms, two loving children, hard-working husband, a nice apartment. Why she is carrying a bag or on your wrist? I do not know that there are a lot Michel. She is, she probably is studying the design on the table, but it seems you need to find something that actually “study” to see enough of it from the angle that the You can not not in any way, she seems to be studying it I do not know. I might please see her like that someone she released why do not care, she and I do not know what may please refer to the hair and socks her someone things look, not in control of her life, so far I think good health, or turn towards them, I really do not approve it. If she had been staying at Sony, she was ok, and this is not working now. I like that she is a promising way of such a mother, she was like 32 or 36 – I’m ashamed and grief, I am by her, telling a child that had it is possible, the grip when you know There is nothing shameful in a way that grabbed the shopping cart with your right hand, I do, she is always so knew the four kids at least, she is not alone so she was choosing the cake, “crazy,” pretending to be, she Sono Tame not have what you are doing now, stuff all of her money that has become a plastic bag two has. I wish her the best.

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