8 Reasons Why Letting Go Of The Wrong Person Is The Right Thing To Do

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I used to be scared to lose control and terrified of letting go. There were certain relationships in my life that were eating me up from within. However, I chose to keep them anyway since I thought I didn’t want to lose the little bit I had, not realizing that I had nothing at all. Letting go wouldn’t change anything since I didn’t have those people with me anyway. Below is a list of reasons why letting go will only benefit you and help you to evolve into a more peaceful person:

1. It’s an escape route leading to better things in life.

When we are trying to hold onto something, especially one that doesn’t even matter, we end up focusing our energy on just that one thing which could be used to focus on much better things in life. The moment we let go of those things, we realize there are so many positive things we can do with our time and energy.

2. It helps us realize change is not always bad.

As stated before, it’s the biggest myth that change is always bad. Sometimes change in very beneficial for us to see things in a different light and to realize we are missing out on the better things in life just because we are so focused on not changing the way things currently are, even if those things give us nothing but pain and grief.

3. Detaching yourself from people that are toxic is absolutely essential.

Such people are absolutely cancerous to your soul. It is necessary for us to move ourselves away from such people. People that are only present in your life to give you pain are meant to be moved away from. Every minute you spend with such people moves you one minute further away from the positive things in life.

4. Certain people are not worth holding onto in life.

It’s true that people come and go; some are meant to stay and some are meant to be only in a certain chapter of your life. Embrace this truth of life. Keeping these people in your life will just increase the stress and grief; you’re worth much more. Give yourself some credit and move away from anyone that doesn’t treat you the way you should be treated.

5. It’s only after letting go of the negative that we appreciate the positives in life.

As mentioned before, we are so focused on keeping some people in our lives that we completely lose sight of the people that actually deserve to be in our life. We tend to run behind the wrong people and take the right ones for granted. Once we mindfully let go of the negative people will we actually realize how much we were losing out on and how much more our life is worth. You will feel another level of empowerment, which everyone deserves.

6. It gives you the power to move on and not have yourself taken for granted.

When someone treats you badly and you still hold onto them, by definition they are going to take you for granted. You help them realize that as badly as they treat you, you are so attached to them that you would do anything to try to keep them by your side. Reality Check! Whether you let go or not, they aren’t by your side anyway. So you should be with people that matter as opposed to people that use you as a backup.

7. You are able to see the bigger picture in life.

Once you actually move focus from such people, you can concentrate on the bigger picture of life. The relationships that actually matter, the people that truly care for you, the real happiness and pain in life.

8. You miss out of the right people by holding onto the wrong ones.

As stated before, if we don’t make our hearts strong and hold onto the wrong people, we will miss out on the right people we have in life. Our focus should only be on the things and people that make us happy and move far far away from the people and things that don’t. Some people love to bring you down, that’s what they do best, its upto you to make that hard choice of realizing what is right for you and what is wrong, who to be with and who not to.

Thus, I cannot emphasize how important it is to move away from the people that don’t help you grow, be it a friend or a significant other. We need to remind ourselves that we are more important than anyone else and that anyone who cannot treat us the way we should be treated isn’t meant to be in our lives. Mind you, the day you realize that, it will be the biggest lesson you have learned. We like the thought at the back of our minds that if we let things go the way they are, we at least won’t lose the person that matters to us entirely. What we don’t realize is, we don’t have that person when we need them anyway. This isn’t the foundation of any healthy relationship and thus it’s best if we focus our energies on making foundations that will actually last with people that deserve to be in our lives. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Born and raised in India, my name is Tanzeela.

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