5 Awesome Characteristics Of Highly Sensitive People

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Are you a highly sensitive person? I’ve concocted this easy 60-second test. Take it now:

1. Are you highly affected by the moods of others?
2. Are you easily rattled by having a lot thrown at you?
3. Are you aware of subtle changes made to your home, work, or creative environment?
4. Do you often need alone time away from stimuli, sounds, and other people?
5. Do you feel that you process situations on a deeper level?
6. Do you have a solid awareness of your thoughts and physical sensations?’

If you answered most of these questions with a quick YES, you’re most likely a highly sensitive person.

Hurrah! High-five! Bear hug! Sparkle fingers!

Highly sensitive people may have something in common with the following characteristics, depending on who you are, but being highly sensitive does not automatically make you or anyone else a loner, an introvert, or a person with some kind of neurosis or low self-esteem issue.

It may, however, make you a heart-felt bohemian, a tender dream-maker, a soulful leader, an intuitive teacher, an amazing dad, or it may just support your urban witchery and craft.

Being highly sensitive is a natural and healthy condition, and it has a number of unique gifts:

1. Stellar Intuition

Highly sensitive people tend to be accurately perceptive of what is happening beyond outer layers—below the surface of situations, in the creases of crossings limbs, the pauses at the tip of exhalations, in between the lines, and without narrated reasoning.

Keep harnessing this power: Learn to trust your gut, your ears, your shoulders, and your heart. Pay attention to the subtle reactions of your body aka inner world, and tap into the ability to feel the oneness of all things. You are a vessel for transmission, and of great insight. Feel when your body is pushed forward or back toward people, places and things. Become aware, observe and react accordingly. The more you do it, the more it will grow.

In two words: Trust yourself.

2. Energy Whisperers

Highly sensitive people can often feel the remnants of an experience, conversation or presence when entering a group, conversation, or room. Being able to sense stagnant or left-over energy pockets creates an opportunity to learn how to cleanse, release, increase or decrease vibrations. In other words, to become aware of subtle energetic, flowing universe around us.

In one word: Feel.

Keep harnessing this power: become aware of how you become aware of your unconscious behavior, and how you consciously react to the space that you are in.

3. Powerful Empaths

This goes beyond just the cordial sentiments, but getting as close to being able to walk a mile in a person’s shoes without ever putting their boots on. To feeling another’s beating heart ache, sing and laugh in your own chest.

In one word: Breathe.

Keep harnessing this power: Again, in order to expand in every direction.

4. Naturally Magical

By magical, I mean having the playful openness to experience, feel, see, and taste the impossible. To courageously attempt to replicate what exists beyond the ordinary, and we do it through our bodies, voices, expressions, words, stories, and our art.

In one word: Create.

Keep harnessing this power: keep exploring your whole body. Keep using your hands. Keep feeling the beat of your heart. Don’t overlook what comes easy to you. Open up to what makes you shine.

5. Super-Sexy

Yes. It’s true. Highly sensitive people are super sexy. Why? Mostly because they see through their hearts, love through their hands, and create with a hopeful light.

In three words: Stop holding back.

Keep harnessing this power: Give yourself permission to move, create and engage in life intuitively, and with your entire body, and all of your senses. Allow yourself to become enlivened and so very open. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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