An Almost-Romantic Poem For Millennials On Valentine’s Day

In Paris if you’re in love

(And also really rich)

You can buy a cruise on the Seine

And dinner at the Eiffel tower

I’m in love but I’m not in Paris

And I’m certainly not rich

And there’s a better chance you’ll forget what day it is

Before I get a French rendezvous

With you

Instead, my love, I’ll try coming home

On time instead of three hours late

Pick up some French fries and rum on my way

And throw in a bouquet of flowers for good measure

You can do your makeup and pull up your hair

Or just wear your pyjamas (or nothing at all)

We can watch Dirty Dancing

And just for today, I’ll promise not to tease you when you eye Patrick Swayze’s butt

When, by ten, your eyelids droop

And you stifle those yawns as best as you can

I’ll hold you hand and we can whisper sweet nothings in the dark

(Like whose turn it is to walk the dog tomorrow)

When you finally fall asleep,

I’ll tuck you in like only I can

Plant a kiss on your lips

And listen to my heart thud louder every second

Because love grows

Bit by bit

Every single day

(As long as you share those chicken nuggets, anyway)

Tanvi Mona Deshmukh is a writer and poetess from Pune, India, with an affinity for words and books, cats and coffee, Nepalese food and hippie music, and the color green.

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