7 Things You Should Never Tolerate From Yourself Or Anyone Else

Brittani Lepley
Brittani Lepley

What are you willing to tolerate in terms of your career, love life, friendships, or life in general? How much are you willing to accept?

Me? Not much but I often wonder why people are so tolerant of things that sabotage their overall happiness. As I trek through this journey called life, there are things I am learning along the way to never accept, from myself and others.

1. Drama

I don’t engage in, encourage, or promote it. Unless it’s in a book, movie, or TV show, I’m not going anywhere near it. I loathe it and I tend to avoid the things I loathe. And why should you have to interact with something that’s only going to drag you down? It’s needless baggage that will only weigh on your mental well-being.

2. Back-stabbers and shit-talkers

They’re sneaky little things, always popping up in the people you least suspect. This can make them somewhat difficult to avoid. However, once they’ve been exposed, which will happen at some point, they’ll subsequently be phased out of my life. I won’t be mean to them (no drama) but I will definitely focus my attention on people who aren’t cut from this cloth.

3. Disrespectful people

Respect should be earned. It is not guaranteed. Status, titles, or any other label of false superiority doesn’t ensure my respect. I follow leads. Not only will I treat you how you treat me (while still remaining cordial, of course), I will also take into account how you treat others because I absolutely, unequivocally will not tolerate a bully.

4. A relationship that lacks communication, respect, loyalty, and honesty.

I will not chase a guy or waste time interpreting his actions as a means of figuring out whether or not he cares for me. Who has time for that? Not me. I won’t tolerate a lack of respect for my feelings or opinions. If neither means anything to him, then he won’t mean anything to me. Disloyalty and dishonesty? Nope. No explanation needed.

5. Complacency.

I am not anywhere close to where I want to be in life and I will never be satisfied until I get there.

6. Excuses.

It’s easy to bemoan shortcomings but I choose instead to use that energy to turn my shortcomings into strengths.

7. Mostly, I won’t tolerate selling myself short

I refuse to settle. I won’t settle for a career or job I dislike. I won’t settle in love. I won’t settle for a life that is anything less than what I deserve. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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