The Resurrection Of Eve

It’s okay to lust

We name every part of my body





The forbidden fruit no longer

When you touch me

I feel sacred

This temple opens

Welcomes in the holy

Fully ready

This body is God

And god do you coax miracles

Out of my skin

Make blasphemy curl my toes

In this church

I cannot be shamed

My legs will not be commanded into a closing

Hover over me

Say glory

Say tell me if you’re okay

Your name both safe word and climax

It’s okay to lust

This trust between strangers is also poetry

Say yes

Bless me holy

Show me the heaven you have brought

I’ll spread my thighs like gates

Moan me into a hymn

Our sexy talk a sermon with only us to listen

Sweat glistens like stained glass

An angel inside stroking strings of a harp

Your lips bring out the communion in me

Swallow water into wine

Get me drunk off your fingers

Linger a cross across my clit

You fit just right

No blushing here

No rushing here

It’s okay to lust

Lights on

Clothes off

Some sin in my teeth

Some sloth in my nails down your back





I’m worth damnation

Taste temptation

Take turns

The only burn

Is the candle wax

This bed is on fire

Hell never felt so good

Teasing tender torture

You and me

Fuck the fifth horsemen

The apocalypse is morning

Is an empty bed

Is my head alone on a pillow

A priestess without a pew

I kneel down to say


For one more poem

This Sunday

Let’s burn together

Turn testaments into feathers

Fly as close to the sun

As our heat can handle

Light candles for lessons lost

For games played

For hearts flayed

For every hope prayed

Laid bare

For a body God deems worthy

It’s okay to lust

I am Eve’s resurrection

The only so-called sin she committed

Was taking a bite of her own apple

And loving the taste

Talia is a poet and author who performs in the Philadelphia area.

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