Don’t Borrow Time From Your Future By Dwelling On The Past

I hope you don’t get sucked into the past.

I hope you choose to move forward.

Let’s not borrow time from our future by dwelling on the past. What’s past is past, so why replay that conversation that ended it all? Why replay the moment everything took a turn for the worst? The worst is over. So let’s move on. Let’s move forward.

By tuning into the past, by constantly reliving a bad moment, you’re choosing to burrow yourself in a dark cave with no intention of finding a way out. Instead, think of what went wrong. One last time. Think about what could have been done differently. Now put that in your back pocket. It’s time to realize that you can think of all the hypotheticals or “what ifs” in the world, but that doesn’t change what happened. And it isn’t going to.

I understand you’re hurting. I understand whatever you’ve been put through has not been easy. You’ve opened up your vulnerability and now you wish you hadn’t.

But don’t let this affect your future experiences. Don’t hinder yourself from experiencing something that could be much greater just because you’ve gotten the short end of the stick the first time around. Don’t let this change your spirit, because that will change the outcome of everything around you.

Stop turning the good moments to shit. Yes, I said it. When we think of good memories in addition to the bad, we start to second guess if they were genuine. We start to morph the good memories, which are supposed to elicit laughter and happiness, into a source of pain. Let those memories be.

If you are stuck in your own head, overthinking way too much, or just can’t seem to get out of these tangled thoughts, think about what you want to do about it. Resolve the issue? Can you? Should you? What is good for you?

What is good for you is not always what you want to do. We’ve all been there before — the question of choosing something we crave because it may be what we want at the moment, rather than taking a step back and seeing how this could potentially affect us in the long run.

There are things that can be done or should be done, and that always seems to be the conflict in one’s head. Think of what is going to benefit you long term. The answer may not be what you want to hear, but the little voice inside of you knows best. What choice will your future self be glad that you made? Do this for you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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