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To All 20 Somethings, I Refuse To Apologize For Being A Millennial, And You Should Too

We find ourselves somewhere between teenage wasteland and mortgage payments,
granted a network of communication begging us to share our human experience. Many of
us are lonely, most of us are sleep-deprived, and whether it’s a bagel or life of fulfillment,
we’re all craving something. We check Twitter feeds, utilize hashtags, click, and like, and
share…and we are told to “get off our phones.”

21 Things 20-Somethings Say

Yes you might hear what’s coming out of a twentysomething’s mouth, but do you know what they’re really saying? Whether you’re a twentysomething yourself or someone who is trying to decipher twentysomethings on a daily basis, here’s the translation behind some of twentysomethings’ favorite phrases.

8 Things 90s Kids Miss About MTV

Undressed, MTV’s own soap opera about youth culture and college life, showed sexually active young people faced with very important problems we were probably all facing at exactly the same time.

This Is Melancholy

But the scent of the event has dissipated, its feeling gone. It is now a movie I saw ages ago — I know the story but I don’t feel the power of it anymore. In many ways, it might as well have happened to someone else. I don’t know it happened to me, not from the inside out.

A Conversation With A Real Life Teenager

Taking our obsession with teenagers to the next level, we decided to just interview one. Just like any ol’ teenager who’s going to high school, waking up at 7 a.m. every morning, getting in fights with their parents, and dreaming of college. Perhaps by doing so, we could gain more insight into their fascinating world. We could start to remember more vividly what it was like for us back then.