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I Refuse To Let Anxiety Ruin My Life

I might hyperventilate beforehand, I might cry myself to sleep the night before, but that doesn’t matter. All that matters is that there are going to be days when I have the energy to push myself to do something terrifying. There are going to be days when I silence my anxiety for long enough to really live.

I Will Not Be Silenced

girl with light, not be silenced, be a light, #amplifywomen

It us up to us, as women, to learn the power of our voices, the strength of our skin, the value of coming together in protest—maybe not in silence, but, simply in solidarity—affirming that our presence matters. Our presence deserves to be heard.

Love Me In All My Forms

couple, woman laying on his chest, love, love me in all my forms, true love, real love, relationships

Love me when it feels like time is endless. When there’s nothing for us to do, nowhere for us to be than right where we are, arm-in-arm, forgetting both yesterday and tomorrow simultaneously.

Say What You Need To Say

We all preach about how important it is to be honest, but rejection is so often the result of pure honesty. It’s really no surprise that we’re all so afraid.